Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Means Insurance For You?

Our life’s many risk, so that we needs to understanding insurance. Some disaster happening several years ago and many people lost their family, property, jobs, and many others. Like remember us that life insurance is very important. The prime function of insurance is transfer risk mechanism, that is mean risk transfer from one side (our) to the other side (insurance company). This risk transfer is not break of our misfortune probability. But rather they assume our financial safety and peace of mind for us. As retaining, we pay a little premium than assume all of our probability potential loss.

Insurance policy is a legal contract treaty certain between us with company, the company will ready to assume disadvantage of ours with required we must pay premium appropriate with treaty. 

If you have life insurance, you must pay premium per month. It look like loss of money, but at the future if something happen with your health, so a medical finance will assume by them. 

If you don’t have insurance and something happen and you must going to medical, you pay the bill with your own cash, whereas we don’t what happen with us in the future and how much cost we must pay out for our health. My suggestion, get life insurance quotes now, besides we save money for future we don’t need pay our health medic. So we will not lose out because life insurance, exactly much profit we will gain.

Tips For Choosing Insurance

This modern period, to choosing a good car insurance company is not simple. Beside we must selection a better company from many aspect, they compete to become the best and give a best service insurance company. Many of the company declaring that they are the best, it can look like if any new insurance product put on the market through advertisement from media, almost nothing negative respect. The side of management is rarely to presents of blind side.

The matter is needed to remember when choosing great quality auto insurance generally is three aspects.


Strength of finance related with company capability to handle finance problem if their customer claim appropriate as they promise. For example, they have elite company building and the management vehicle is luxurious, but when customer claiming for finance they can’t pay it.


Service can explain good or not the quality of company. I can say that because insurance company selling a service, so the best service is a key.


About cost is how much they expense by insurance company for operational. If they outcome expense larger than income surely that company is not efficient. Lastly the company will disadvantage. Next, compare premium must paid with other insurance, it will made you finding the best auto insurance for better on future.